Sunday, December 23, 2007

Decorations of red on a green Christmas tree...

...won't mean a thing, dear, if you're not here with me...

I *love* Bright Eyes' version of "Blue Christmas."

I'm feeling a little blue, I guess. I don't have anything going on till X-mas day and as much as I appreciate the quite time, it IS Christmas and being alone is not such a great feeling.

Ah well.

Ho ho ho

I'm kinda half-watching some "upllifting" X-mas special where "deserving" families are getting the X-mases of their dreams...this includes red and green walls. I can't imagine that these people dream of having X-mas ALL year so I feel a little sorry for them.

My 1st Christmas with Jordan

I got Jordan an iPod Nano for Christmas and he really likes it. It's super cute cause he was showing it off all day yesterday, but he kept taking it in and out of its original box and packaging. I love giving gifts and I'm thrilled that he is so happy :)

Yesterday we went to Alexandria for the day to spend some time with his family. Bailey stayed with Gramma which she loved (and I love her for that). It was my second time with his family...I hope it went well. I always over-analyze everything I said and did and worry that it was wrong...I want them to like me! It's stressful! Jordan thought it went well so I guess I shouldn't worry (but I can't help it...)

Anyway, it was fun. I like his family. I love my Jordan.


Tom came by for a few minutes today. The original plan was to go out to lunch, but because of the bad road conditions (stupid snow...), it took him an hour to get here and he had to get his parents' car back so it ended up being a very short visit. That's ok, though. We've grown so distant over the past year - we just don't have a lot to say to each other anymore. It was nice to see him and he was happy to see the cats, though.

The next few days...

I'm working tomorrow. I figured I may as well since Jim and Amber will be working, Jim and I are going out to lunch, it'll be laid back and quiet all day, and then I'll take Wednesday off instead.

X-mas day is the traditional Gustafson X-mas time, especially X-mas morning. My parents are coming over, my mom is making breakfast, I guess we'll hang out for a while...Later in the day I'm going to Rodia and Chris' house and I'll hang out there most of the evening, I'm sure.


So far I've gotten...
  • A chocolate fondue thing from gramma (note to self: be careful what I casually mention in front of gramma!)
  • 2 hoodies from Jordan (one from Old Navy and one from Victoria's Secret)
  • Some lotion from Jordan's family (mostly his mom, I imagine)
Phone Calls

One of my friends just called to chat. Just to chat. I guess that's what people do...but I never do so it always throws me off guard. I have to stop myself from saying, "So...WHY did you call me? Can we get to the point, please?" I managed to stop myself and it was a nice chat so I guess it's an ok tradition...

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