Tuesday, December 11, 2007

So I can update my new blog via email, eh?

We'll see about that...

I feel like writing so either way...

I'm at work. I got distracted this morning. Lots to do that I didn't really need to do, but I did

Here's the quick re-cap of my birthday weekend:

Saturday: Had to be at work by 8 for my last install of the year; Julie dropped me off at Jordan's house; Jordan and I met my parents at the Texas Roadhouse for lunch; we went home and took a nap; Jordan's brother Titus, Other Amy, Mike, Bill May, and Bill May's new friend Ryan came over.

Sunday: Slept till 1 (off and on); dragged a hungover Jordan out of bed and to my gramma's for dinner; ate ham and such w/ Gramma; Jordan napped for a long time on the couch while Gramma and I watched the news and cartoons; went to Target on the way home to get cat food, dishwasher soap, a shovel, and a new garbage can; cleaned out all the garbage from my kitchen; finished making our X-mas stockings; and went to bed...

...and now I'm 27.

I'm a little nervous about my doctor's appointment yesterday. I don't like hearing, "I think we should get some blood from you." I feel totally healthy, but there are always little things...and potentially bigger things...Jordan was busy taking his Civ Pro final and then partying with his school friends to talk about it yesterday and too busy doing something today to talk about it.

Not that it's his job to listen to me just because I'm a little scared about something...

Figuring out the dynamics of a new relationship is weird.

Hmmmm. I feel funny.

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