Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fingers crossed...

My car... at the Park & Ride. Hopefully. They say "No overnight parking!" and I parked there I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it is still there! It seems unlikely that they'd tow it after just one night. I wonder if I'll have a ticket? It doesn't say anything about "No overnight parking or we'll give you a fine!" so that seems unlikely too...I looked on the Metro Transit web site and there's no information about it besides "No overnight parking!" so it must not be a very common issue...I was hoping to ride home with my neighbor/co-worker/friend Joanne just in case it's not there, but she's out today. I was thinking about hanging out downtown after work, but now I feel anxious and just want to get to my car so I think I will just go home. I want to leave soon, but since I was late today due to some issues getting gas, I feel guilty!

It'll be fine...


My day consisted of meetings, Pot Belly (mmmmm), Target, and more meetings. My brain feels a little fried. That and my anxiety about my car is leaving me quite unproductive. I may just head home and get some work done from there tonight; or, work a long day tomorrow - probably both. Lots to do. I like it, though.
In other news, it was announced today that another department is being merged into mine. I'm not really sure what kind of impact that will have on me, if any. I'm getting used to the constant change of the corporate world...


My friend's brother-in-law is going to be on Oprah this Monday. He apparently lost more than 140 pounds over the past year on some Proper Noun diet. That's like one and a half of me.

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