Monday, January 7, 2008

I'm the perfect imperfection.

That's what my t-shirt says and t-shirts don't lie so...

Jordan called today. We talked for almost a half hour. It was nice - friendly and casual. I think we can be friends...I don't have any illusions about getting back together or anything - that helps. We'll see.


My baby is a year old today! They grow up so fast...

Work was good today. I bought a couple of bottles of wine on the way home (it's been like the freaking prohibition in my house lately and it IS Bailey's birthday!) Other Amy is coming over soon. There's a really old episode of Law and Order: SVU on USA right now. I'm not really watching it. I'm glad I wasn't molested when I was a little girl. I'd let Detective Stabler have his way with my Constitutional rights any day.

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