Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I've been 27 for a month

My birthday was a month ago today. It feels like it was yesterday and a lifetime ago. Anyway, it was a happy birthday.

I'm at work...I've been in meetings all morning and I have one more this afternoon. Lots to do for my current project. We are scheduled to begin System Testing next week, but we'll see.

John M. came over last night - he brought me Cold Stone and we watched TV. I was tired. I fell asleep for about a half hour - I'm a bad hostess...

He and I hung out a lot last summer. We have fun and he's really nice...We don't "click," though. There are plenty of reasons why, but for me it's largely the "nice-ness." "Nice" guys + Amy just don't mesh well. I feel bad about that sometimes because I think he feels it fair to keep being his friend? Would it be better to stop talking to him? Although, I don't think it's my "responsibility" to worry about that - it's his decisison...I tend to be pretty open and honest naturally and I definitely would be if he brought it up directly so I don't feel like I'm leading him on or anything like that.

I hereby declare it a non-issue.

My cat woke me up at 3:30 this morning and I think I only half-slept till my alarm went off. I'm feeling kinda sleepy at the moment even though I just finished a can of Red Bull (sugar free, of course.)

I have to call my gramma, my mother, Rodia; prepare for my meeting this afternoon; write emails to Chris L. and Alina; respond to work emails I should've responded to a week ago; call the Help Desk; do a recognition thing for my vendor partners; figure out my goals and development plan for 2008; and all my normal project-related work.

Making that list may SEEM like procrastinating, but I'm actually on lunch so it's not. So there.

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