Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mathematical Mourning

A Good Math Solution to any Love Problem
"It takes half the total time you went out with someone to get over them...It's the break-up rule..."
I like watching Sex and the City on DVD. It depresses me to some extent - living in the suburbs, not having sex - but mostly I find it amusing and I can relate to it. Well, besides their endless disposable incomes and their ability to walk outside and get a date with a random guy - those elements are a little hard for me to grasp...

Anyway, I've decided The Break-Up Rule will be my plan/formula for getting over Jordan.
  • I met him November 10th.
  • We were *officially together* November 13th. (and it didn't work out...who'd have guessed??!!)
  • We officially broke up around December 30th.
  • We tried to be friends/dated till January 21st.
Considering how fast we did this whole thing and how attached I managed to let myself get, I am going to say our relationship lasted 73 days.

Thus, I will be over him in roughly 37 days. That brings me to approximately March 1st.

On March 1st, 2008, I will be over Jordan Anderson.

I'm not sure what exactly the "getting over" part entails. Should I avoid seeing him? Talking to him? Communicating with him in any way?

That feels extreme, but perhaps necessary. It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to stop caring about somebody when they are still a part of your life.

I'm guessing he'd be fine with that - he hasn't showed much emotion at all. I'd like to believe he is hiding it or repressing it or something, but either way, I don't see him breaking down my door to see me because he misses me (or calling or sending me a text message...) He says he wants us to be friends, but I think that is largely due to his need to be liked by everybody.

It's so weird how quickly he changed. He ADORED me...

Maybe I'm naive? Maybe there were warning signs all over?

Maybe it just doesn't matter.

I really cared about him and respected him - I wish things could have gone differently. (I just decided that part of the "getting over" will be converting my thoughts about Jordan to the past tense.)

We decided today that he would come over here on Monday to get a few of his things and give me back the stuff of mine he has. My initial thought was that I wanted it OVER and QUICKLY. That made him mad (he said I was malicious!) so I agreed to stick with the initial plan.

However, he doesn't have anything of immediate importance to me - just some books and clothes - so I'm thinking I should tell him to forget it. If he wants his stuff - also nothing of immediate importance - I can leave it in my garage or something. We don't have to see each other - an even quicker method of getting this whole thing over with, really.

I guess I will think about that some more.

This is going to be a very difficult 37 days. One day at a time, I guess.

A related thought: I hate Valentine's Day.

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