Monday, January 28, 2008

Procrastinating keeps me from thinking too there.

Let's see how much I remember about 9th grade...

Who was your Best friend(s)?

What sport did you play?
I barely even participated in Phy Ed.

Did you buy your lunch?
No...I ate a lot of junk food and Deonna gave me her chocolate milk.

Skip School?
Not till 10th grade.

Did you get suspended/expelled?

What was your favorite class?
Ummm...Algebra? Deonna and I drove our poor old math teacher insane, I think.

What was your schools name?
North View Jr. High

Did you go to the dances?
I went to the "9th grade formal" - it was a phy ed requirement after our dance unit. I wore tennis shoes and a flannel shirt over my dress. It was in the middle of the day and I don't recall doing any actual dancing.

If you could go back would you?
Nope...I have zero desire to relive the silliness of high school.

Where did you sit at lunch?
At a table with Nick, Paul, Deonna, and Bill-something-or-other???

Who was your science teacher?
Mr Murphy.

Who was your English teacher
Mr Brandt

Who was your history teacher?
We called it social studies and it was Mr Nielsen with his ever-sweaty arm pits...ewe.

Who was your math teacher?
Mr Anderle

Did you think you were cool?
I sure did. Deonna and I even made "business cards" that said ow cool we were.

Describe your outfits ninth grade?
Jeans and t-shirts. Nothing trendy or outrageous...

Did you use to do prank calls?
All the time.

Did you even have a cellphone?
My dad had one and we called it a car phone and I assumed it meant he was really important.

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