Thursday, January 3, 2008

"There are no rules."

...or so Jordan said a couple days ago. As of today, though, I'm not allowed to talk about removing remnants of him from my house/cube at work and I'm also not allowed to talk about hurting or crying. He says that it feels like I'm trying to hurt HIM - throwing my pain in his face, or something.

That makes me sad...hurting him is the last thing I want to do...I just assume that he understands and could commiserate. It's too painful to talk to my friends/co-workers/family...

But that's his choice and I will try to respect it.

I foresee many more blog entries in my future.

I think I was a good girlfriend. I made him silly cards and presents, I made him a very elaborate "monthiversary present," I did whatever I could to make him happy (spent time with his friends and family, kept the cats out of the bedroom, let him have the TV remote most of the time, tried to tell him how much I liked him and how great I thought he was...), I respected him, I checked in, I was honest, I spent all the time I could with him...

I am pretty sure he would agree with that.

I wish he would give me a second chance. I miss him so much.


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