Friday, January 4, 2008

More Wishing

I wish I could write beautiful things. I wish I could gather all the
right words and position them in a way that revealed every sense and
feeling and emotion. I wish people would read it and cry, just
because it was so beautiful.

I wish I could show the world how passionate I am. I wish the world
could see how much I love the things and people around me. I wish I
could share the things I love and the things I love to do with the

I wish I could live a life filled with days like that one day. I wish
we had never gotten out of bed that one day. I wish I could always
feel so safe and warm and secure when I'm so completely vulnerable.

I wish the sun would shine everyday. I wish it would be cloudy and
hazy and rainy everyday. I wish I was never cold.

I wish days were longer. I wish I had time to do everything and to do
everything perfectly. I wish I could sleep when I was tired and be
awake when I'm not.

I wish my parents loved each other still. I wish they'd tried harder
before they stopped. I wish they'd pretend for my benefit. I wish I
was ignorant enough not to notice they were pretending for my benefit.

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