Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Alive and well

Good news - I survived my brush with death (aka my week of being sick.)

I took most of the week off work and spent it rotating between my
couch and bed.

Anyway, I'm better now.

It is freaking COLD outside. -6, according to the TCF building this morning.


I'm in my Test Lab at work. It is too quiet in here. I'd turn music
or something on, but somebody from the Business is in here and I don't
feel like negotiating that with her.


I successfully re-tested 2 defects so far today. Woo. (Defect =
programming error. Finding defects = the point of my job.)

I feel a little off. I don't know how to describe it. If somebody
asked me, "If you could be doing anything in the whole wide world
right now, what would it be?", my response would be a blank stare. I
don't particularly feel like doing ANYTHING.

My parents make me sad and angry and annoyed and disappointed.

I want to go to New Zealand and it's seeming increasingly likely that
I will, but we'll see.

I drink too much Red Bull and eat too much sugar.

I got some new pens that have fun names like Earth Blue, Rocket Red,
Deep Space Black, and Plasma Pink.

Jordan called last night. He was at his regular bar and definitely
drunk. We talked for nearly an hour - he probably won't remember 90%
of the conversation. I don't know if he has a cruddy memory in
general or if it's simply due to his alcohol consumption, but either
way, he doesn't usually recollect his drunk-dials.

Ah well.

Last week he wanted me to read a specific thing on his blog so I well as other things he didn't specifically want me to read
(as in, didn't want me to read at all.)

He's practically a stranger to me.

Apparently, his friends didn't like me, I turned out to be different
than he expected (he didn't specify how so), I'm questioning that he
ever sincerely cared about me, and he has very dysfunctional and
unhealthy relationships with the people he cares about (entirely my
opinion - I'm guessing he'd disagree.)

Poor boy.

I'm not going to read his blog anymore.

Florida-Bill wrote an essay and I proofread it for him last night.
He's a better writer than I expected. Lots of run-on sentences,
though. And very long paragraphs.

I miss being an English major.

I have been working on a couple creative-ish projects. I don't
consider myself very artsy or anything, but I have been making an
effort to be creative lately. It's fun.

...And so it is...

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