Monday, May 12, 2008

I can never sleep on Sunday nights...

I have to be awake in about 3 hours. I should really be asleep right now.


Another weekend has come and was a decent one. Friday night I worked on some projects and then Bill turned up w/ his friend Tanya from WI. We hung out for abit...

Saturday I slept in and Bill brought me White Castle (yummmm...). He and Tanya went to Nic's brother's wedding - I stayed home and watched Lost (finished season III! If I can get caught up on the current season, I'll actually be able to follow along with everybody else instead of covering my ears and saying "I'm not listening!" every time the topic comes up.) By the way, you can see full episodes of all your favorite ABC programs at Pretty rad.

Today I ran some errands quick so Bill could run off w/ my car for a few days (off to visit his parents). In the afternoon, John came over and we went to the MOA and IKEA and some other misc. shopping. Tried to clean/organize my mess of a house, but I have so many projects in process that it's quite difficult. (I'm pleased and excited with the things I'm working on, though.)

It's Mother's Day...I made my mom a present and got her a card in NZ (cause it says "mum" and I thought that was rad) and a picture of me....I invited her over, but she didn't really respond and I haven't heard from her since. Sigh.

Have I ever mentioned how much I'd like a new family?

I gotta try to get some rest...

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