Sunday, May 4, 2008

In the sea there is a fish...


Uneventful week. Hung out with Other Amy which was nice and refreshing - it'd been a while!!

Today I went to lunch with my parents at a place called Moe's. I said I'd be there at 12. My mom called me at quarter to 11 and said I should be there at 11:30. I said I'd be there closer to 12. She said ok, between 11:30 and 12. Sure enough, my dad called me at 11:32 wondering where I was. I told him I'd be there at 12. I got there at 12. The entire restaurant staff commented on how I "finally" showed up.

My dad drives me nuts, but at least he's consistent.

Lunch went fine. Had a couple drinks, a couple mini-burgers off the kids menu, showed my parents all my NZ pictures and told them lots of my stories. Had to gloss over a few things, distract them from a few pictures...Not that I can't do whatever I want, obviously, but there are certain things I don't need to discuss with them.

After that, I went to Wal Mart and then Jo-Ann Etc, Archiver's, and the liquor store. Jim came over for a bit. We talked and drank some wine and listened to music. He had to go to dinner with HIS parents so he left. I half-heartedly tried to find something social to do, but really just wanted to finish putting my pictures in my albums so I did. Bill called. Talked to him for abit. He and Nic are heading up here in a few days, should be here next weekend. I'm happy to have them - my house is their house and they know that.

Still missing NZ...I wish I'd been able to get to know Nick-the-Brit better, hang out some more. I'd guess we have a lot in common. He has good taste in music and TV and stuff. Super cute accent...I had fun hanging out with him.

Stu as well, of course...

I love This American Life. If you don't listen to it, you totally should. Good stuff. I love Ira Glass. I love the way he says, "You're listening to This American Life, I'm Ira Glass..." You have to hear him say it...It's impossible to capture in writing.

To backtrack abit, Jim reminds me of my dad. I can't decide what else to say about that so I'm not going to at the moment.

No big plans for the upcoming week. Not sure what's going on at work. No assignment at the moment which would be ok, in theory, but is actually a weird, lost, disconnected sort of situation. I don't especially like it. They call it "being on the bench."

I have lots of stuff at home to get caught up on. I want to get rid of lots of stuff - books and clothes and other stuff I don't use or need. I also need to vacuum and do laundry. I need to return the stuff I bought for NZ but ended up not needing. I'd like to hang out with Amber - it's been a very long while since I've done that. I'm kinda making my mom a Mother's Day present, but I haven't gotten very far. I should get on that...

Bailey is in his kennel tonight. He almost always sleeps with me and I like that. Not really sure why I decided to put him in there tonight. He doesn't mind. He's really good about going in there when I say, "Go to your room!" Jack is lying at the end of my bed. I'm in my little bed, as usual. I don't know the last time I slept in my big bed. I told Bill he can have it when he's here.


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