Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This kinda captures how I feel at the moment...

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Another one of my Flickr Favorites. Have I mentioned that I adore Flickr? I really think I have...You should do some re-reading if you disagree.

Monday nights aren't much for sleeping either, apparently.

Not sure why...

Got to work around 6:15 today (carpooling w/ Joanne = up with the sun!) I found out that I've been assigned to 2 new projects. Both are short and so, I'm assuming, not very complicated.

Nic came for a tour and to give me a ride home around 2:30. It was fun showing him around, letting him see me do my thing. I ended up having some network issues so it was a little boring for him, but he was a good sport.

We came back here, took a nap in my big bed, got up, ordered pizza, watched TV and ate pizza...I fell asleep during "House" - soooooo tired and I don't watch that show so I wasn't following what was going on - so Nic left for Joe's when that was over. I came downstairs planning on falling right back to sleep, but here I am once again...


I've talked to Derek a wee bit lately. I miss hanging out with him. We used to hang out Sunday nights - eat pizza and watch his Superman show...It was fun. We'll never have that again and that's ok, but I miss it anyway.

I have to prepare a bunch of stuff when I get to work tomorrow (crack of dawn again!) for my official "on-boarding" for my new projects. I have to do some reading, figure out what I'm getting into, then do some silly paperwork. Two meetings, not sure how I'll get home, and I'm sure I'll be exhausted.

Yay for May 13th!

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