Monday, June 16, 2008

Just a Monday in June

I haven't posted anything in a while - and the last thing was just part 1 of my life story (don't expect a sequel any time soon) so here I am.

Today I woke up early-early and thought about going to work right away, but I worked on my type-drawer-project-thing abit first. I like to get some creativity out before I start my day.

I drove to work. Not sure why, but I did. I ended up staying till 7:15 working on my 2008 Goals and Development plan - a bunch of silliness...Hard to believe it's already mid-year.

When I was at work, my cube neighbor, Rebecca, and I went to Target and the tailor. I worked on my latest super exciting project. Normal sort of day.

I stopped at Joanne Etc to get some stuff for my type drawer on the way home (I had 2 50% off coupons - woo!) I also went to the liquor store and for some silly reason, I got Mike's Light Hard Lemonade instead of my usual Smirnoff Ice. It is not good.

Got home, took Bailey potty, got the mail (a catalog I don't want, an issue of Mental Floss, my mortgage statement, and a coupon for Great Clips), and now here I am.

I've been listening to some new Podcasts lately - "The Daily Boost," "The Accidental Creative," "iProcrastinate," and "Stop Procrastinating Now." Nothing too fantastic, but they're interesting enough.

I'm very annoyed with my financial situation. Somebody got my credit card number and everything is messed up. Poop.

I may go see my grandparents in St Francis next weekend. My dad told me that my gramma says I have to. I said I wouldn't go there by myself b/c it'd be awkward. I love my gramma and step-grampa, but I've never been very close/comfortable with them. So, I guess Dad and I are going up there this weekend. Maybe I'll bring Bailey...

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