Saturday, July 19, 2008


Hello world,

I am feeling a bit funny inside. Hormones, most likely.

Also boredom.

I'm "on the bench" at work so I didn't do much all week and this gray Saturday just makes me feel lazy...Laziness leads to self-inflicted boredom.

My dishwasher is running - and so is Bailey.

John and I did some shopping today. I got wine from Trader Joe's - including one from NZ and one from Greece!

My dad wants me to meet him up at the Shortstop soon. I don't have a good excuse not to do that so I guess I will. Not that I don't want's just my laziness complaining. He just called again and now I'M complaining because he was pestering me about my car and telling me it doesn't make noises when obviously it does.

Nic says I should dye my hair. I do have a lot of gray hairs...wisdom.

Ok, off to be a good daughter.


Amy Jane

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