Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It should be fine.


I've been annoyed with a lot of things lately. Not generally-overall-annoyed, but annoyed with specific things. And people.

But whatever...

I have been drawing funny little self-portraits the past couple days. I especially enjoy drawing myself as a super hero (i.e. wearing a cape and looking triumphant.) I even drew a couple pictures of Bailey that I approved of. He's a funny little dog, difficult to capture on paper. For the purposes of drawing myself a sidekick, I've considered trading him in for a beagle. Or a dinosaur. I draw good dinosaurs.

I drew a series of post-it note pictures for Stu a few months ago that illustrated my infamous Poofy White Cloud Theory. He thought they were pretty rad.

I should start taking pictures of these things.

I went to Target twice today with 2 different friends from work, went to a couple meetings, signed off on a project that is finally wrapping up, had a chicken nugget Happy Meal from McDonald's, and got some paint and polymer clay at Michael's. Now I'm home, just showered, feeling pretty buggered. I'll probably take Bailey to the dunny and then go to bed.

I miss New Zealand.

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