Thursday, September 11, 2008


The flag at the Holiday where I stopped to get a cookie, a chocolate donut, and a 16.3 ounce Sugar Free Red Bull was at half-mast today. I noted it, but didn't make the connection to it being 9/11. (It feels like some dramatic music should play as I type that; or a "duh-duh-duh" at the very least...)

So, 9/11. It was fall semester of my senior year of college: I was taking a few Cultural Studies classes and writing my senior paper, Tara and I had all the same classes, I was dating Sam, working at Select Comfort, living at home in Brooklyn Park...

For whatever reason, I was listening to the KQRS Morning Show as I was driving to pick Sam up that morning. I usually listened to CD's and never that particular show, but I was that day. The news came in and Tom Bernard was describing what he was seeing on TV. It was very puzzling; hard to envision.

I got to Sam's and went inside and told him we should turn on the TV. His dad joined us and we watched...Crazy things happen all the time; we've been desensitzed; news is dramatized to an extent that it's become was interesting, but we went on with our mornings.

The U of MN was quiet...Tara and I went to our first class. The professor, a guy we liked because he was cute in a heterosexually-totally-gay-but-not-kind-of-way, almost cried. We went to our next class, Fairy Tales with the fantastic Professor Jack Zipes, and learned that the school would be closing at noon.

The U of MN never closes.

We went to Pizza Hut for the lunch buffet. All of campus and Dinkytown was quiet. I tracked Sam down and he met me and we went home...

Life went on. I got a bit addicted to the TV coverage that played non-stop for weeks on end, but soon got sick of hearing about it all and just wished we could watch the freaking Simpsons reruns again.

I cried once. A little girl with a pug dog didn't know if her dad was alive. He was, they were reunited...he seemed happy, yet so shocked. I am guessing it was largely due to all the cameras and reporters. They cried, I cried.

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