Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Here's a survey thing I did almost exactly 2 years ago today...

Date: 2006-10-29 11:51
Subject: Blah.
Security: Public
Mood: gloomy

1. Are you in a relationship?

2. If no, would you like to be? If yes, would you like not to be?
I think so.

3. How often do you visit your MySpace profile?
Every other day or so...depends on how much time I feel like wasting.

4. What is your favorite candy bar?
Peanut Butter Twix

5. What are your favorite shoes?
My *ugly* bowling shoes (i.e. my awesome Skechers that go with everything!!!)

6. Have you ever tripped going up steps?
All the time. That's how Gustafsons do it. Once in Mexico my dad cut his head open doing that.

7. Do you have a vacation planned for this summer yet?
Summer is very far away.

8. Would you bungee jump?
I doubt it. I don't even know if I'm really afraid of it or not....it just seems pointless.

9. Do you own a Fallout Boy CD?
Nope. I don't think I even know who that is.

10. Do you like amusement parks?
Usually - I don't like lines, though. It's also silly how you have to pay to park at most places.

11. Do you ride rollercoasters?
I do. I especially like those ones at Islands of Adventure in Orlando.

12. What is your current favorite CD?
Ummmmmm....Right this second it is Digital Ashes in a Digital Urn by Bright Eyes.

13. Can you touch your tongue to your nose?

14. When was the last time you were in the ocean?
5 months ago - Daytona Beach with Nic.

15. Do you like beer?

16. Would you kiss someone of the same sex?

17. What is the most embarrassing CD you own?
I'm kind of over being embarrassed by the things I like. Maybe the Ashley Parker Angel CD.

18. Are you sarcastic?
All the time.

19. Is there anything you wait for every summer?
The cabin, sunshine, heat, green grass...

20. In your opinion, what is the best summer smell?
The grill.

21. Socks and sandals?
Why not?

22. Who was the last person to go to the movies with you?
Derek - the Pirate movie...I have not seen many movies lately!

23. What's one thing you really hope to do this winter?

24. Do you like to go Mini-Golfing?
I don't LOVE it...I like the fancy, pirate-themed courses in touristy places.

25. Are you moving any time soon?
I doubt it...but maybe. Probably not.

26. Are you going to be starting a new job any time soon?
Hopefully January 18th, if not sooner!

27. Have you ever slapped someone?

28. Do you get poison ivy?
Never have.

29. Do you like camping?
I don't think so. I like my air conditioned cabin.

30. What was the last restaurant you ate at?
Taco John's last....Wednesday, I think.

31. Favorite pizza topping?
Really good Italian Sausage or pepperoni.

32. Pants or shorts?
Depends...pants are good cause I don't like shaving my legs.

33. Do you play any sports?
I guess I'm playing indoor soccer for school??? I'm trying to get out of it, though.

34. Do you use Chapstick?
No...I think I use Soft Lips or something like that. It is tingly.

35. What were the last 3 movies you watched?
Ummmmm...Office Space...the Pirate movie and Superman???

36. Are you currently fighting with anyone?
No. I hate fighting.

37. Are you too forgiving?
Probably. I always do. Not sure if that's good or bad?

38. How many pets do you have?
Two cats at my house and a pug dog and a turtle at my parents' house.

39. Do you own clothing from Hot Topic?
Some pajamas that I got for my birthday last year. Maybe some left over stuff from high school that I can't remember...

40. What is your favorite breakfast?
Cinammon roll french toast and chocolate milk.

41. Where was the last place you drove?
To work. An hour early.

43. Where will you be in 24 hours?
Wow...at work. Lame.

44. What did you do 3 nights ago?
Thursday night I went to class and then home and then to Andy's house where I studied...

45. When was the last time you went to a fancy restaurant?
A totally random co-worker took me out to lunch at Zelo's a couple weeks ago. It's pretty fancy there. I felt under-dressed. They give you a black napkin if you are wearing black pants.

46. What was the last thing you bought?
Smirnoff Ice.

47. Have you ever been in a foreign country?
Yes. I wish I was right now...

48. Anywhere you want to go?
Anywhere but here at the moment.

49. What's the farthest you've ever traveled from home.

50. What have you done today?
Rushed to work, screwed around on the Internet, avoided calls from my dad, tried to figure out how to make my life better.

51. Do you own anything from a sex shop?
Yes. Yes I do. Well, from a sex party. I think that counts.

52. Are you thinking of someone right now?
My dad. Grrr.

53. Have you ever thrown something out of a moving car?

54. Do you smoke cigarettes?

55. Would you date someone who smoked cigarettes?

56. Are you happy with your life right now?
Usually...some parts...in general....

57. What's the last thing you ate?
A Reese's peanute butter cup.

58. What's the next place you have to go?
Home or school to write a paper that is due tomorrow....

59. How many hours do you usually sleep per night?
I'd say 4, on average.

60. What's the next important date on your calendar?
My "Partial Office Memo" due date - tomorrow, 4:30 PM.

61. Who last called you?

62. McDonald's or Burger King?
McDonald's - it's closer to my house.

63. Who last messaged you?

64. Are you closer to your mother or father?
I have very different relationships with both of them so it is hard to say. I tend to put up with Father better than Mother.

65. Do you like to quote things?
I would, but I have a crappy memory for specific things like that.

66. Are you afraid of the dark?
Not really.

67. Do you exercise regularly?
Ha - no.

68. What is the most expensive thing you ever bought?
My iMac, I think....or my college education, if that counts.

69. What should you be doing right now?
Work. School.

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