Sunday, October 12, 2008

When it rains...

...everything gets all wet.

September, 2008 was a month to forget...and now it's already mid-October...and turning into another month to forget.


Dad's recovering - lots of pain and very tired, but nothing unexpected.

I went to his house and got his car.

...the first time I've been to the house that he lives in without my mom...

Having a working, dependable car is good. It would be really fantastic if I could use it to go to the grocery store or Target or something, huh?

Unfortunately I can't do anything like that at the moment because my debit card is full of fraudulent charges. I noticed them this morning and called the bank right away. They're nice and helpful and understanding - I'm very grateful for that. They closed the account and all that which is definitely good...but leaves me without any money.


Can't a girl get a break???

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