Sunday, November 2, 2008

There is a sniffly little person in my bed

* Warning! Very boring account of my day! *

My little cousin Lydia is here for the weekend, apparently. I was at my cousin's house Friday to see the kids all dressed up and hang out and have some drinks w/ Rodia while Chris took the 3 kids out trick or treating. Lydia came home w/ me and we did some art projects and read some books last night for Sleepover, Part I.

Today, we woke up around 8 and watched these really annoying, but educational Leap Frog DVD's about phonics. We worked some more on our art projects till about 11 when we finally got out of the house and on our way to IHOP. I always forget that everything takes at least twice as long when a 5 year old is involved.

After IHOP, we went to Borders where I got the new issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors and the new special edition from Stampington - Where Women Create. I really love looking at artists' studios - seeing how they organize, decorate, inspire themselves.

Anyway, then we went to Michael's so I could get a birthday present for Anna who turned 6 on Wednesday. I got her a pot-holder-weaving-loom-thing and a bag of the stretchy-loopy-things.

* Every little kid should make ugly potholders using stretchy-loopy-things on those pot-holder-weaving-loom-things.

We went home, wrapped my present, and headed off to Anna's birthday party at Mike and Other Amy's house at about 3. Since they live in North Mpls, I showed Lydia the houses where Rodia and I lived when we were her age.

Party was fun - Lydia and Anna had fun and were cute and it was nice to see everybody.

We left about 8, stopped at Wal Mart, and then came home. We watched some lame Land Before Time movie (there are a ton of those now which is kinda funny - the original was one of the first movies I saw in the theater back when I was about Lydia's age.) It was about how important it is to follow rules. Lame.

That got over and Lydia was half asleep and Bailey wanted some attention so I went upstairs and read some magazines while throwing his toys for him. He wanted to play with this teeny tennis ball, but it got lost (like it always does) and he was being stubborn and didn't want to play with anything else. Silly dog.

I put him to bed then hung out in my studio for abit. I made an ATC that doesn't feel complete. I like the concept, though. We'll see. I'm not huge into ATC's, but they are fun to make - they are an excuse to be creative and make something artsy, I guess. "Excuse" isn't the right word, but I'm too tired to figure out what is the right word.

I wish I wasn't so tired because part of me is feeling very inspired. It's just as well, though. I have too many ideas, thoughts, images, whatever floating around in my head and sorting them out requires energy as well as inspiration.

So, I'm in my bed and Lydia is fast asleep next to me. She has a cold and listening to her breathe makes me think she'd probably be miserable if she was awake.

Not sure what the plan for tomorrow is...

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