Wednesday, December 3, 2008

so much to do, so little energy

40 minutes till I can head home...
I'm exhausted...
I hate the thought of my dad being pumped full of poison in order to kill off the nasty cancer cells, eating away at his insides...
That thought alone exhausts me.
I spent Thanksgiving with him - it was nice.  He felt good and his spirits were high.  We met my grandparents for dinner and it was fun seeing them too. 
I didn't see my mom.  She, apparently, cooked at her house.  I wasn't invited - I just heard about it from my gramma.
Work is good...I was assigned to a new project last week that I'm really enjoying.  It's a welcome change...
I'll be 28 in 6 days - December 9th.  It's an insignificant milestone - and a Tuesday - so I'm not especially excited. 
I've fallen behind in pretty much everything over the past year.  The overwhelming feeling paralyzes me.  I haven't always been like this, but I'm not exactly sure when I changed or what caused it.
Thinking about it certainly doesn't do me any good, though.  I need ACTION!
Actions need energy....and I need a nap. 
I'm out like trout.

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