Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Best Granddaughter Ever!

Last week I was feeling like the worst granddaughter ever so I sent my gramma an Edible Arrangement.

Really, I couldn't afford it....

And I know my gramma would never this I was a bad granddaughter...

And there are other things I could've done...

But I felt crappy and doing something nice made ME feel a gazillion times better - especially when she called me as soon as it was delivered. She was so surprised and happy!

She took it around her apartment building to show all her friends and the people who work in the office. Then, she took pictures of the "bouquet" before eating any of it.

Once she did start eating it, she called me right away to say how delicious it was. She didn't want to eat the pineapple daisy, though - it was too cute. :)

It was even a more thoughtful gift than I realized. I know she loves fruit and would appreciate it so easy thoughtfulness points there, but it was also a super-cold-even-people-in-Florida-hear-about-how-super -cold-it-is-her-week so she didn't want to go out. Thanks to me and my thoughtfulness, she didn't have to.

I rule.

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