Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 Things

I keep getting tagged on Facebook by people just dying to know 25 things about me so here goes:

1. I have a dog named Bailey - he's a Toy-Australian-Rat-Poo (aka Scruffy Little Mutt)

2. I like leg warmers and arm warmers (check out Sock Dreams!)

3. My socks rarely match.

4. I graduated from the U of MN in 2002 - I have a B.A. in English.

5. I'm an introverted, underachieving perfectionist who fears failure.

6. I wish I could be 6 years old forever!

7. I like to eat cookie dough.

8. I've lived in the Twin Cities my whole life.

9. I love my gramma very very very much - and you would too.

10. I have a "Writer's Block Buddha" on my desk, next to my monitor. I got him in San Francisco.

11. I got a set of Copic markers for X-mas, but they're so nice and fancy that I'm scared to use them!

12. I went to the library last week - I hadn't been to a public library in a VERY long time and it was *quite* exciting!

13. The last movie I saw was Slumdog Millionaire - I liked it a lot (especially the very end).

14. I never know if my ending punctuation is supposed to be inside or outside my closing parenthesis. (And I have no idea if that sentence makes sense.)

15. I looooooove Flickr!

16. I am a good writer (ignore #14, please).

17. I like to think I am an artist.

18. My dream car is a Mini Cooper.

19. I wish I could afford to buy a Canon Digital Rebel SLR.

20. I like getting the mail.

21. I just remembered that I have something to send to Albert.

22. I'm drinking a Bacardi-Diet.

23. Today is my mom's birthday. She's 54.

24. I just called my dad and got his voice mail. He has Sprint - I have T-Mobile.

25. I think I should dye my hair - I have lots of gray hairs! (Combination of wisdom and stress, I think.)


Sarah Hlusak said...

It's outside the parenthesis. And I love my mismatched creative introverted friend, who was never introverted around me.


Amy Jane said...

You were extroverted enough for the both of us!