Thursday, February 19, 2009

Red Velvet Art

Forgot to mention in my earlier post that I'm also having fun being inspired by Red Velvet Art and their oh-so-cute tutorials!

I'm currently working on this cute little book -

I'm filling it with pictures of people I love and decorating it with little bits of whatever happens to catch my eye. Most of the pictures are ones that used to hang in my cube...Kinda sad because they remind me of the job I no longer have and really do miss, but I'm glad they're not on the bottom of one of the boxes of my "personal effects" my former admin shipped to me.


Sandy said...

Love your book, the colors are great.

J for Jendetta said...

super cute so far!! can;t wait to see the rest!

elizabeth rosemond said...

The book is fantastic! I'm still working on mine...maybe I'll be able to take some pics today :)

TheresaK said...

I gotta get to this!! I am so far behind..I did not even start on one project from class yet!!
your album is cute!