Thursday, February 26, 2009

Trans-Continent Photography Project

Nic J and I both got fancy new cameras so we decided to start a project that I decided to name the Trans-Continent Photography Project. The idea is simple - he takes a picture of something in Florida, I take a picture of the same thing in Minnesota - or some creative variation of it. We've already completed Round #1 - Our Front Doors:

As Nic nicely put it,
This is my front door.. I figure it symbolized the beginning... An opening.
Anyway, it should be a fun way to start experimenting with my beloved new Rebel. It'll be a Rebel with a cause. Hee hee.

We started a Flickr group for our endeavor. You can see it here - and even join in, if you feel so inclined (but I should warn you that Nic and I are not the most organized, reliable, steadfast people - we get bored and distracted easily and tend to avoid doing anything that's not fun).

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Liz V. said...

that is such a neat idea! i love it!