Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thursday Review: Picnik

If you use Flickr, then you've probably heard of Picnik (that little button above your photo that says "EDIT PHOTO" will take you there). I used the free version via Flickr for a wee bit, liked the interface, and noticed that there were several features that sounded really cool, but weren't available without the $24.95 premium subscription (1 year). After getting VERY frustrated with Photoshop so many times, I decided that was a reasonable cost! I haven't used it a TON yet, but I decided it was worth a review!

Who: Piknik

What: Online photo-editing software

Price: Free for standard features, $24.95 for a year of the premium version

Where: Flickr or

Why: Definitely worth checking out for all the fun features - and it is so much easier to use than Photoshop!

  • Cool artsy effects and touch-up features like teeth whiten and blemish remover (listed on the "Create" page)
  • Nothing to download
  • It is very CUTE!
  • Far less complicated than Photoshop - and I prefer the interface to PhotoshopExpress
  • Integrated with Flickr
  • Easy to use with Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Picasa, Webs, Webshots, Photobucket, and more
  • Fullscreen capability (although this mode disables keyboard shortcuts)
  • All the changes you make are saved
  • A downloadable version would be nice - lots of uploading your photos for editing, downloading to print, uploading to printing website like Shutterfly
  • The Flash interface can be a wee bit annoying
  • It can take a relatively long time for photos to load
  • $24.95 is a reasonable price, but assuming I want to continue using it, next year at this time, it'll have costed me $50...a one-time fee would be preferable.
  • As I edited photos, I expected the changes to save within Picnik, but they are only saved to the version you actually save to your computer or whatever
  • You have to save each photo before editing the next
More things worth mentioning:
  • Firefox add-on available here
  • You can send your Picnik-editied images to QOOP for prints - I'm not familiar with QOOP, but it looks pretty cool and the prices and products available are comparable to other sites (although I'd rather be able to pick up my photos from Target than pay for shipping and wait for them to be mailed to me)...I'd be more likely to try QOOP if they had some deal for signing up - like 25 free prints!
  • You can also easily print from home from the site
  • The "stickers" and "text" features seem perfect for simple digital scrapbooking
My rating:
  • ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ - I really like how fun and easy picnik is to use, but I have to give it 3 stars because I'd really like to be able to send my images directly to a site for printing that has in-store pick up. I also think that I'd rather be able to download the software and use it off-line. Try the free features and if y0u like it, I definitely recommend the $24.95 subscription.

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