Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Random Thoughts

Random thoughts...questioning, mostly.

That's what I do best at 4 AM during a random night in February...

I remember...

     1 year ago (2009) - When will my carpet finally be installed?  A boy named Andy...My dad is ok...he promised not to die...he NEVER promises ANYTHING...he WILL be ok.  I'm an *artist*.

     2 years ago (2008) - A boy named Jordan....and am I seriously going to New Zealand?  Seriously?  What if I HATE Scottish Stu?

     3 years ago (2007) - California....Tommy....Willy Mitchell???   Whatever - I have my DREAM job!!!  THIS is what I've always wanted to be!  AND I'm about to buy a HOUSE and a DOG...Woo!

     4 years ago (2006) - A boy named Derek, Cozumel, Tom...?, law school.....

And this, people, is why I blog.

A snapshot of my mind. 

A glimpse of all the seemingly unimportant things going on that come together to make ME.

Proof I exist.

Proof I existed.

Proof I will exist.

Inspiration to believe in that.

It doesn't really matter if you read it or not.  Thanks to SiteMeter, I know you do - about 7 people per day, on average, in fact...but whatever. 

It's my blog and the Internet has unlimited space for me to rant, rave, whine, complain, love, cry - whatever - as much as I want.  Nobody has to read it.  Whether or not you do, it's here.

I exist.

I matter.

I left a mark.

So there!

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