Monday, January 31, 2011

A Day in my Life...2008

 3 years ago - January 31, 2008 - I decided to document a day in my life.  I'd just joined Flickr and read Ali Edwards' Life Artist and was feeling *quite* inspired...

I didn't do a great job of it, as far as documentation goes: I don't have much besides some random pictures and very vague and unimportant memories...but that has value, I guess.  At any rate, it's refreshing to know that I'm just as random as I've ever been!
I thought about documenting my day 3 years later (I really like arbitrary anniversaries), but my I just wasn't feeling it - and taking pictures while driving through a Minnesota winter is just a BAD idea.

My life 3 years ago was somewhat more entertaining, though...

Freaking coldOnce upon a time, in the magical world of suburbia, a weird and random, whimsical sort of girl lived in a little yellow house in the Land of the Crapids.

It was in the Before Time - a time when life made sense; a time when things were exciting, when nothing seemed impossible - and nothing was...
Looking Up

...a time with MUCH less snow...but it was still cold.

iTunesAnyway, our little heroine loved podcasts...

Daily luggage
...and her Timbuk2 bags...

...and her job...

Still kinda cute, though
The end of the day.even if it was a wee bit exhausting sometimes.

My new cell phone!
Her cell phone kinda sucked, but that secretly made her very happy because it meant she got a brand new one!
Bailey's ready for bed

OrangeShe wasn't all alone, though.  She had her faithful mutt, Bailey...

...a boy she thought she really liked...

Love is...

Right side of my fridge
...and a very good friend who reminded her that she really didn't.

YumHer fridge was decorated in her randomly whimsical...and weird way - and also stocked with the finest of girl-drinks!

What I doShe used iChat on her iMac and wrote the boring details of her day on a blog called {Amy_Jane}.

I Love my Clancy t-shirtLife was a wee bit crazy for our little girl in the little yellow house in the Crapids...but she wore a blue T-shirt with a little giraffe on it...and that somehow made everything ok.

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