Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I don't match.

My socks rarely match - my outfit or each other - in the traditional sense.  Pairing my socks identically is depressingly un-creative.  Instead, I match stripes with stripes, polk-a-dots with polk-a-dots, monkeys with monkeys, Christmas with Halloween, argyle with pirates, etc.

I don't understand the"second sock syndrome" that apparently plagues many knitters.  If just the thought of knitting a second sock like the one you just finished makes you bored and uninspired...why on Earth would you do it? 

I'm not a sock knitter, but I do knit arm and leg warmers for my little cousins.  I avoid any of this second syndrome business entirely in 2 ways:

1.  Interesting yarn - variegated, self-striping, hand painted, etc.  I especially love Crystal Palace's Mochi Plus.  It's fun and knits up fast - and it passes the "itchy" test! 

2.  Pairs of 3.  If I'm using solid colored yarn, I make random stripe patterns or just make each a different color.  Interesting yarn is far more interesting to knit with, though (see above) and is bound to make 3 coordinating arm/leg warmers.  With 2 balls of Mochi Plus, I can knit 3 arm/leg warmers which is perfect!

To avoid giving the impression I am incapable of matching, I tie a ribbon around the mismatched items and attach a button that proudly announces "I don't match!" 

I hope it reminds them that it's awesome to be different and creative and think outside the box - and that their cousin is rad.

Anyway, today, my boss's boss's boss told me that he's been meaning to tell me that he loves my socks.  Apparently, he notices "things that make people interesting."

That made me very happy!  I love my socks and I always kinda hope somebody will notice them!  I explained my "reasoning" and "pairs of 3" to him and he loved it.  Back at my cube, I saw one of my "I don't match!" buttons on my knitting bag.  I wrote a little note about how I hope the buttons remind my cousins to embrace their creativity and left it on his desk.  A little while later he showed up at my cube to let me know I made his day - he knows exactly where he'll display it in his cube, and plans to wear it to meetings.


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