Monday, May 9, 2011

Too pretty for Monday...

(from - Too Pretty)

I have to agree with this today - I have a serious case of the Mondays.

The weekend was good.  We had dinner/drinks at the always classy Shortstop on Friday night.  It's definitely the place to people-watch on a Friday night in the Crapids (well, most nights, really) - no shortage of feathered hair, mullets, and the people who love them.

On Saturday, there were rabies clinics at a few of the fire stations in the Crapids, including the one about a black away from my house - so we walked up there and got Bailey's vaccinations up-to-date.

It's awesome that they have these clinics every spring - only $8 and no exam fees ("Is your dog healthy?  Ok, then just let me flash a light in his eyes and weigh him...that'll be $120 plus $12 for the nail-clipping you requested assuming it was included!")  Best of all: no guilt trips about all the OTHER shots and teeth cleanings and whatever that I'd be getting if I REALLY loved my dog.

The clinic was in the middle of the day so we didn't make it to the Shepherd's Harvest Festival till Sunday.  I get overwhelmed at those kinds of things so I didn't end up buying anything besides food.  Not the worst social dysfunction to have considering the amount of lovely yarn I COULD have bought.  We got to see sheep and adorable lambs (only 3 weeks old!), sheep shearing, a working dog demo (herding and shepherding - definitely see the Aussie Shepherd in my little mutt!), poofy angora rabbits, and llamas...Sadly...not one alpaca.  :(  Rumor has it there were some there Saturday, but alas...I'm sure I'll see plenty at Black Sheep in Oregon!

On the way home, I finally got a bike!
It's cute and olde fashiony looking - with a comfy seat and no wires or gears or whatever to worry about.  We got it at Wal Mart which ... blah ... but it was only $89.97!  Besides, maybe I won't even like riding a bike - it's been quite a while.  May as well start cheap.

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