Friday, June 10, 2011

My nearly finished Daybreak Shawl!

I mostly finished my Daybreak Shawl this week! I still have ends to weave in and it needs to be blocked, but I was very excited to see what it will look like so, since I sit across from an empty cube and there are T-pins all over, I decided to pin it up at work this afternoon. 

I got my co-workers to come over and admire it - they all did a very nice job of at least seeming impressed which I appreciated! 

Our fluorescent lighting isn't ideal for photography with a cell phone, but I took several pictures anyway.
I am quite pleased with it - I made some annoying mistakes, but they won't be too obvious when I'm wearing it.  Normally, I'd be much more of a perfectionist...but it's my first shawl and first big project with sock yarn...and it's pretty!

The Daybreak pattern is by Stephen West and is available on Ravelry for $6.  I was pretty intimidated by the pattern at first, but once I figured out the weird cast-on and started getting into it, it was actually not too difficult.

I used size US 4 32" circular needles, lots of stitch markers, a row counter, and tons of notes.

The black yarn is Cascade Yarns Heritage Sock and the variegated yarn is Malabrigo Sock Yarn in Caribeno - a very lovely navy, teal, purple, bluish blend.
(Have I mentioned that I looooooooooooove Malabrigo anything?)

Both were purchased from the Yarnery on Grand Ave in St Paul, Minnesota (I'm pretty sure that's my favorite yarn shop in the Twin Cities.

You can see more pictures and details on my Ravelry page!

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